This is my portfolio I have ever made, in the form of product reviews, experience as a content writer and column writer in the newspaper. Where all the writing has been published both in print and online media.

Column writer in Radar Madiun in order to Exmud Party Radar madiun Copetition in 2011
Column writer in Radar Madiun “Bakti Sosial SMA N 2 Ngawi” report in 2011
Content writer and layouters in SMA N 2 NGAWI magazine “TIFA” in 2012 – 2013

Chief Editor in UP MAGAZINE EM UB 2014 or campus magazine 
(http://em.ub.ac.id/upmagazine/ atau https://issuu.com/emub )

Content writer in http://www.amipop.com/ 2014 - 2016

Cooperation for Online Shop Riview (15/12/2015) : Pictalogi, Cetak Foto Mudah Cukup dari rumah 

Cooperation for Startup Riview (04/06/2015) : Liburan Cermat dengan Cermati.com 

On Air Radio at Kosmonita Malang about blogger (14/04/2015)

Cooperation for Startup Riview (21/01/2017) : Serumah.com, Solusi Mencari Kamar Sesuai Keinginanmu 

Cooperation with www.Dream.co.id