[ Tutorial ] Make your old T-Shirt to be a NEW party clothes ala Si Mata Kodok

Helloooo felllaaaassss !!!
Today is H++++ after Eid Mubarak and I’m still running on my unproductive holiday and I feel so boreeeed. One weeks ago I’m very very very busy with my reunion, my brother wedding party, and many more so I can’t write some article in here. And because many event I must attend, I need more clothes but I don’t have much money.

Some friends told me that if I have more old T-Shirt in my cupboard, I can make new PARTY CLOTHES from my old T-Shirt. Wanna try something different and unique but still fashionable? Follow this instruction to find out how I made the new party clothes from the old T-Shirt?

1.     Materials needed

2.     Use your old T-shirt like this

3.     Fold the lengan of your old T-Shirt as the picture shown below

4.     Repeat instruction number 3 in other side 

5.      You can add belt

6.     And you can add necklace to make your appearance more fashionable

7.      Taraaaa, your new party clothes is alredy done and you look different, unique, and still fashionable.

If you have old T-Shirt bigger than I have you can make a dress. Because I don’t have bigger old T-Shirt I just can make like that :D
Oke, Thankyouuu for your attention and happy trying :)))

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