[ Tutorial ] Make your own Photography Studio with Si Mata Kodok

When i saw my instagram, i think many people compete each other to show their best photo or picture. I know that instagram is one of social media that use to upload the best photo from us so all of people in the world know. Same with them, i have instagram and from instagram i usually tell world that i have photo or new picture.

One day i post my photo with colourfull background in instagram and from this photo i got many comment. There are some people ask me where i took that photo. And there are some people said that my paint wall is so cute with colourfull background. From that condition, finally i answered their question. They didn’t believe when i answered that my background in that photo is from asturo. Asturo is a kind of paper that has many attractive colour. I just attach it to each other and then put it into the wall with glue.

Maybe, from this post i will tell you how to make your own photography studio with si mata kodok.

Read and learn !

First, you need this items. So, prepare it .

Second, you must attach the paper each other and then put it into the wall with glue or something.

Third, attach a tripod and set its position

Fourth, take a position



Now, you have a swaggy photo with colourfull background

My first edition :p

Gift to my blogger comunity :D

Independence day !

Conan or Sherlock Holmes?

My friends said that " Kekinian style "

Uuuuh, pardon my face -_-

Thank you and don’t forget tag me your photo with your D.I.Y collourfull background in instagram.
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See you :*

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