[Riview] Derma Roller System, a Mircale From The Needles

Derma Roller System

Hi Beauty !!

A few month ago, I’ve contacted by DermaRollerSystem team. They wanted to collaborate with me to review their product. I’m so happy because I never try this product before. And this is my very first collaboration with foreign product, so I want to challenge myself to take it. Yeah, it’s a challenge because I must write this article with English. Ooh, I’m so nervous.

Before this, I never heard about Derma Roller System. But, after I researched it, I know that this product have something good. I think this product will suitable and improve my skin condition. For your information I have a little pore and acne scars in my face. I hope after I use this product day by day my face can be smoother.

I receive this product 3 month ago, I need more time to know the effect of the product. I know that this article is sponsored, but I want to share my review honestly. So in this article is all about my opinion. Hope you will enjoy this article.

What is the Derma Roller System?

Derma Roller System
Derma Roller System

Derma Roller System is a revolutionary hand-held skincare tools from Canada. This skincare tools has the ability to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin in the skin. Derma Roller System also known as a skin roller or microneedle roller because this tools have a lots of tiny needles. If the needles run in your skin, the needles can help your pore skin temporary open, which triggers our body natural healing process to heal the pores, thereby stimulating collagen and elastin production.

Derma Roller System
Derma Roller System

Derma Roller System have so many benefit to your skin like anti aging/ anti wrinkle, cellulite treatment/ cellulite reduction or removal, hair loss treatment/ hair restoration, hyperpigmentation treatment, scar removal, stretch mark removal, etc. This product not only for face but also for body and hair. So I can say that this product is one of the most effective and affordable skin care treatments.

How to Choose The Right Needles?

Derma Roller System
1,0 mm needles

Derma roller system have different needles sizes raging from 0,5 mm to 2,5 mm. If you want to buy it, you must know what the needles that you needs. Because each needles have different target depending on your treatment. You can refer to the Needle Size Guide to find out which needle size is right for you.

I remind you to read the guidence if you wanna use this Derma Roller. The frequency of your treatments depends on the needle lenght of your derma roller. If you have derma roller with size 0,5mm you can use five times per week, 1,0mm – 1,5 mm you can use once every three to four weeks, and 2,00 mm to 2,5 mm you can use once every four to five weeks. Make sure you give your skin time to recover between session.

How to use?

Because Derma Roller System have different size needles to different treatment, so you must know the differece between face treatment, body treatment, and hair treatment. I have derma roller with 1,0mm size so I’ll tell you how to use the Derma Roller to Face Treatment.

How to use Derma Roller

  1. Before you begin using derma roller, wash and dry your hand and the area you want to be treated. Don’t forget to clean your treatment table with disinfectant.
  2. Prepare your equipments like derma roller, collagen cream or serum or mask, clean towel, sunscreen/ sunblock (daytime treatment only), and half a glass of disinfectant. My friend tell me that I can use numbing cream if I scared when I use this product. But, I thing 1,0mm is low enough that it isn’t really painful but I must be carefull when I use it.
  3. Roll the Derma Roller gently over the area you want to treat 4 times verticaly, 4 times horizontally, 4 times diagonally to the left and 4 times diagonally to the right.
  4. After that, rinse your face with water. Apply Collagen/ Serum / Mask on your face for at least 10 minutes. If you are  using in the daytime, don’t forget apply sun protective like sunscren or sunblock after removing the mask or serum.
  5. After finishing your treatment, rinse the Derma Roller under hot water. Then, disinfect the Derma Roller by placing it head first in half a glass of disinfectant for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Dry the Derma Roller and store the Derma Roller back into the original case provided.

How The Result?

Different person will get different result. The results depends on the condition skin and treatment you are using, the needle length used, and how extensively your body need to remodel the affected area. But you will be able to notice your skin smoother and clearer at the 4 to 5 weeks. If you want to know your skin full recovery, I suggest you to use this product at least three month. Don’t forget to take before and after picture to help you notice improvements in your skin.

Where to Buy?

If you want to try this product, you can buy it at https://dermarollersystem.com/ and don’t worry about the shipping , it is FREE worldwide shipping. If for any reason the Derma Roller System fails to meet your expectations, you can return this product within 60 days of receipt for a prompt.

How much?

Derma Roller System
Package that i get

Price is depends on the product what you wanna buy. You can buy only Derma Roller, Mask, Serum, or one package contain Derma Roller and crem or Derma roller and serum. You can check the price here.

What about my Opinion and my Result?

using Derma Roller

I have Derma Roller with 1,0mm needles. I use it during 3 month start June to August. When i start to using this product I was scary because of the needles. But when I try ini my face, the needles not as sharp as i thought. I enjoy use it even though after this my skin turn red immediately. After I use Derma Roller, I never wearing make up for 1 weeks. I didn’t want another particle like make up enter to my skin.


Not only I tried the Derma Roller, but also i tried DermaC+ Anti-Aging Serum and Collagen Mask. The serum contain highly concentrated vitamin C + vitamin E and hydraulic acid to minimize the appearance of deep wrinkles and support the most fragile skin areas. I like the serum, because it easy and quick absorption. Not sticky, so I’m comfortable when I used it.

Collagen Mask

I love the mask too. The mask sheet isn’t too thick or too thin. Serum that contained at mask help my red skin after use Derma Roller calm then before.  

My skin before and after using Derma Roller System

As far as I know this is a best skincare tool. After I used it, my skin smoother and my scars are fading. But u must be patient because the results take a long time.

I highly recommended this product, but you must be careful when using it. Don’t forget do your research about the product first.

I hope u enjoy this article
See you on the next review

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  1. Aku pernah dermaroller tapi di klinik sih dan sayangnya ga cocok malah nimbulin bruntusan dan sekarang punya dermapen belum dipake. Huhu :(

    Btw, aku suka hasil km di bulan pertama dan bulan ke 2. Lebih smooth dan cerah keliatannya.

  2. Well, it sounds scary when you said about the needles but it makes me curious at the same time. Seems like it is worth to try ^^

  3. Dari 3 produk derma yang kamu review Derma Roller, DermaC+ Anti-Aging Serum dan Collagen Mask, aku paling penasaran sama serumnya. Soalnya sampai sekarang belum nemu serum yang cocok buat kulit aku -___-

  4. Jadi inget akupunktur ya kalau liat si dermaroll ini karena ada jarum-jarumnya hihi.
    Kalau dari foto kondisi kulit terbaik kamu pas bulan ke-2 itu ya?
    Keliatan lebih cerah dan bersihnya.
    Btw si free worlwide shippingnya cukup menggoda jiwa haha

  5. Sempet denger derma roller, cm ngeliat roll nya yang agak tajam gitu jadi rada parno hehe

  6. wow amazing. is it really free for shipping? we must try it someday
    btw, your skin look glowing at second month..hehehe
    tks for sharring..

  7. wow aku kok ngeri ya lihat jarum-jarumnya itu. baru tahu nih kalau alat beginian buat dipakai di rumah. btw aku setuju juga nih sama komen yang lain, hasil terbaiknya ada di bulan kedua. hehe

  8. Aku kira tadi tuh pas pake di kasih anatesi dulu, tapi ternyata enggak ya. Aku agak takut sih nyoba tapi liat hasilnya di muka ashya bagus banget ya

  9. ihiks...bahasa enggresss semua. kalo soal perawatan kulit memang beda masing-masing orang, bisa cocok di si A tapi nggak di si B. Makanya aku tu hati2 banget krn pernah kejadian beli krim wajah khusus u.usiaku eh yg ada malah bruntusan, mana mahal pula (krim hampri 200rb kan menurutku mahal).

  10. Heuuu, aku masih agak takut pakai alat teknikal begini untuk wajah. Agak ngeri-ngeri sedap. Tapi kayaknya aman aja ya sampai emang banyak yang menggunakan. Dan manfaatnya itu yang bikin ngiler, bisa ngehilangin scar. Wuhuu.


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